A ‘how not to’ in crisis communications

If you want a ‘how not to do it’ in crisis communications, then look no further than WORLD’s response to the furore over its Kiwi-made claims. Co-founder Denise L’Estrange-Corbet did a woeful job in fielding criticism that the WORLD clothing label she founded with Francis Hooper has misled consumers about where its clothes are made. […]

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FB changes

We’re liking the new Facebook changes

Have you noticed a difference to your Facebook feed? Mark Zuckerberg announced in early 2018 that Facebook’s news feed will start focusing on “putting friends and family at the core of the experience.” This means fewer news articles and ads, and less marketing content. Facebook is refocusing around its purpose – to create meaningful interactions […]

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Culture and strategy – you can’t have one without the other

Culture is all well and good. But give me strategy too. That’s the very clear message from Chris Quin, Chief Executive of Foodstuffs North Island, who recently spoke to our clients in Christchurch. Before joining Foodstuffs in 2015, Chris was CEO of Spark Home, Mobile and Business and led the business through the very successful […]

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Tech communicator

Humanly Communicating

Thinking about how we communicate effectively in a world of technology Crashed into a ‘technology slave’ lately, – you know, head down, eyes averted, holding a loud public conversation to no one? Communication technology is endemic and a lot of us are slaves to it. But the truth is that personal interaction will never be […]

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Digital disruption

Three Marketing Strategies to Focus on in a World of Digital Disruption

In an age of digital disruption that only seems to exponentially excel in its degree of disruption, organisations need to be aware of these trends in order to continue to reach their audience and continue growth. The facts are: The world has 3 billion active social media users Internet users have an average of 54 social media […]

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When an apology isn’t an apology

Presidential ‘porkies’ and Olympic ‘obfuscations’ “I’m sorry” – two little words that get little media presence these days. Didn’t your mother always insist you tell the truth?  To own up to things you’ve done wrong? That if you don’t, the problem gets worse and worse! In 2016 GOP candidate Donald Trump and Olympic swimmer Ryan […]

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Award Photo

Top honours at New Zealand Event Awards

Perception PR’s Victoria Murray-Orr, who headed the internationally acclaimed Challenge Wanaka Triathlon for the past nine years, has been named New Zealand’s Event Professional of the Year at the annual New Zealand Event Awards in Auckland. Challenge Wanaka is New Zealand’s largest long distance triathlon festival, involving more than 2,500 people of all ages and […]

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Navigating the LinkedIn etiquette minefield

Everyone has got a LinkedIn profile these days, but how many of you are actually using the platform in its full capacity as an effective networking and business development tool? When was the last time you updated your profile – and does it contain any information about yourself beyond your photo and job title? LinkedIn […]

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Perception PR Amy Carter-136

The changing of the guard in Canterbury

We are slowly seeing the changing of the guard in Canterbury as a new generation of leaders emerges.   It’s good for us to encourage a new perspective that challenges and, hopefully, enthuses us – merged with the wisdom that cany experience can bring.   To this end we must develop and support our next […]

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Tips for navigating the Christmas Work Party

The ‘silly season’ is upon us and festive workplace parties are under way. Employers often choose to host holiday work parties to boost morale and to reward employees for their efforts over the past year. Despite those good intentions, employers can face liability for poor behaviour by employees and liability for breaching health and safety […]

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